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Quick Draw Services

Reviews & Testimonials

See what our former clients say about their experience with Quick Draw Services

“We believe our success was greatly due to the services we purchased from you.”

- Alpine School District

Quick Draw Whiteboard Animation Video Reviews

"This video is amazing! Everyone is so impressed and excited to start using it. Amazing work!"

-Brook Hansen



More Testimonials

Greg Norris


"It’s been a very successful commercial. We did it in Italian and French as well. It is targeted to a female audience. We are getting a great response from it”

Kurt Jordan

Mosquito Curtains

“I've seldom worked with a company who has tried so hard to please. They were always available and very responsive. The end product was exactly what we were looking for and has solved a problem we were having trying to reduce the number of clients who were calling unprepared. In the past, we tried everything we could think of to relay this message, but clients don't read and simply reach for the phone. This video was engaging and non-threatening to our good clients and our problem is now solved.Midway through our project, Quick Draw talked me out of one of my own BAD ideas, for which I am now thankful. We certainly plan to use them for more Videos. You are in good hands and if you are not sure, call me personally. I love to support quality resources!”

Gina Parani

Re-Think it Inc

"Working with Quick Draw Services was a pleasure from start to finish. I was amazed by how seamlessly and quickly our vision was transformed into a final product. Bill and his team’s recommendations helped us get the perfect video.”

Chris Prickett

The Prickett Group

"I came to Quick Draw with an idea and a short turn around time. They were able to translate that idea to a finished product quickly and professionally. One of my biggest challenges has always been getting the graphic guys to understand my creative concept, without a lot of hand-holding. Quick Draw met and exceeded that challenge with flying colors." 

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Quick Draw Services Reviews

Sample Artwork from a Quick Draw Video

Brad Duncan


“I think it is amazing! Wow!!! This is AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT! It is cute and funny and does a great job explaining the product."

Dave Potter


"Sandy & I want to thank you, and your team, for putting together what we believe is a first class video for our new product launch. We really didn't have a feel for how, or what, to include using this form of "intro marketing", but after sitting down with you and Scott it was evident you understood what we wanted.  I was surprised at how quickly you were able to share the first draft, and how complete your understanding of our message, which soon evolved into the finished product!  This will be the first item most people will see when we launch our Kickstarter campaign, and we are anxious to see the results of your hard work.  Again, thanks so much to you and your entire team, and we will not hesitate to use, and refer, you to others we may meet along the way.”

Johana Troutman

Innovia Home

"Quick Draw was very easy to work with and very attentive to our vision. They listened to our ideas and came back with even better material!  They also worked with a very tight deadline and were flexible and pleasant throughout the entire process!”

Jill Raftery

Planet Payment

“Have used Quick Draw for multiple product videos and cannot speak more highly about both the quality of the videos, and the ease of working with the Quick Draw team. Highly recommend!”

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Quick Draw Services Reviews

Sample Artwork from a Quick Draw Video

Red Beard

Diesel Brothers

“We have been getting really positive feedback on the video and the amount of customer service messages received about "How to enter the giveaways?" has dropped significantly, which was the main purpose of the video.”

Vince Applewhite

Grocery Doodles

“This a great project and a cornerstone of our advertising campaign. I think this can help our social media efforts.Thanks for the video. It's generated a lot of great comments. And thanks too for delivering on all your promises.  Bill, working with you, Scott, and the rest of your team has been fantastic!  I look forward to our next project together. It was very difficult to find much that we were not excited about with the video.  It's a great piece of work.”

Richard Ragnini

RBR Machine Tools

“We have found the quickdraw video to being a great sales to to explain our CncGcoder® products.

Is has help to drive attention and sales up. We found them to be easy to work with and provided exactly what we need. We look forward to working with them again some.”

Bonnie Gunderson

“We really enjoyed working with Quick Draw Services.  They understood the concept we wanted to express, were always quick to respond to a question, and created a high quality video that has helped our business explain simply an otherwise tricky new feature.  The video itself has been very helpful in getting our message out to customers.  I'd highly recommend Quick Draw to anyone looking for a great marketing tool!”

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Quick Draw Services Reviews

Sample Artwork from a Quick Draw Video

David Malpas

Miracle Cushion

“Great to work with. Very helpful and accommodating.  They were eager to please and make sure I was happy. The end product is great. Very happy with the product and the whole interaction. Highly recommended.”

David and Kimberly

Alpine School District

“Love what Quick Draw created for us! They were great to work with and we appreciate the extra time they spent with us to make an amazing video.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with this company. Very friendly, professional and easy to work with. We would highly recommend their services.”

“We continually get positive feedback about the video. Having watched it now about 52 times, I still find it entertaining and informative.”

Will S.

AMCO Flooring

“Value for money was fair both ways, very easy guys to work with, no hidden catches. Overall experience was exceptional, nothing comes to mind that would make me go anywhere else next time.”

Susan Hebblethwaite

Family Games America

“Had the pleasure of working with the Quick Draw team on videos, PR and media booklets. A creative, fun and effective way to get our Family Games products out there.”

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Quick Draw Services Whiteboard Animation Videos Reviews

Sample Artwork from a Quick Draw Video

Caroline Wolf

Sleepace USA

“Awesome, I love it! Thank you so much for such a quick turn-around and such an awesome product. I was at a trade show last week and I showed it to a couple of potential customers and they LOVED it.”

Shari Stephens

Smart Step

“It looks wonderful! The entire team thinks it looks great!!!”

Sarah Nicolas

Vision Safe

“The video is amazing and we get tremendous feedback. Our white board advertising has been a HIT!! People LOVE it.”

Scott Johnson

Young Living Distributor

"Engaging videos are becoming an essential part of business and Quick Draw provides videos that capture the attention of the audience. Visually appealing drawings and graphics combine with talented voice-overs to create a unique and fun video that virtually anyone would enjoy. I highly recommend Quick Draw if you are looking for videos to advertise, promote or educate your target audience and customers.”

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Quick Draw Services Whiteboard Animation Videos Reviews

Sample Artwork from a Quick Draw Video

Stephan Franck

Sony Pictures Animation

"Scott is a fantastic animator and a great guy to work with. His drawing is always appealing and his acting adventurous and imaginative."

Sean Sullivan

Walt Disney Feature Animation

"I've had the privilege of working with some of the world's greatest living animators, and Scott Petersen is among them. His enthusiasm for the craft is infectious. His skill and professionalism is second to none. He has an integrity that is hard to come by."

Billy Carmen

Product News Channel

"We've hired Bill Rogers from Quick Draw Services on many occasions. He is the only professional we will allow to handle the image of our company."

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