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Quick Draw Services was founded in 2013 by Veteran Disney Animator Scott T. Petersen and graphics media specialist Bill Rogers. They had the goal to create the best quality Whiteboard Videos anywhere! With Scott's background in animation and Bill's background in video editing, Quick Draw Services was born. A company that creates the Highest Quality, Custom, Animation/Whiteboard and other Explainer Videos on the planet! Since then, Quick Draw has made hundreds of videos in many diferent styles. Pretty much whatever our clients want we can deliver.

There are so many other nick-names our videos go by... Animation Videos, Demo videos, drawing videos, explainer videos, video scribing, Doodle Videos, Fastdraw videos, cartoon videos and more! Call them what you want the result is the same! A quality video that you can use to promote, market and advertise for your company or product!

Quick Draw Services About Scott Petersen

Scott T. Petersen is the President Quick Draw Services and Golden Street Animation.  He is an Animator, Producer and Creative director who has worked for several major Hollywood studios including, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Universal and Sony Columbia/Tri-Star.  His movie credits include Space Jam, The Iron Giant, Pigglet’s Big Movie, Mickey’s Three Musketeers, The Lion King 1 ½ , The Fox and the Hound 2, Tarzan 2, Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas, Kronk’s New Groove, The Prince of Egypt, The Little Mermaid 3, Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights, Mary Poppins Returns and the new Dr. Seus series for Neflix called Green Eggs and Ham.

Quick Draw Services Missionary Art

In addition he has taught animation and drawing at the California institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), in Valencia California for four years and later figure drawing at BYU in Provo Utah.  Before starting Golden Street Animation Productions and Quick Draw Services, he lived and worked in various locations around the world including Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and Mexico supervising on various shows for Disney and other studios.  He has supervised and trained literally thousands of artists around the world and has a great deal of experience in animation training and artist development. Your project will be in good hands with Scott and the Quick Draw Team who will design, and create your video with professionalism and their many years of experience in animation and film making.

​Bill Rogers is a graphic media specialist for us at Quick Draw Services. He Graduated in Media Arts and Animation at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Bill comes from a television background with over 10 years experience in filming, editing, motion graphics, animations and voice-overs. He has also produced and directed many television commercials.

Quick Draw Services About Bill Rogers

​Bill is an entrepreneur at heart. He not only helped to start Quick Draw Services but also 2 other companies.

Bill is the President of LOTH Hoodies a company that makes Hoodies and Accessories for fans of Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies and games.

Bill is also the President of the Geekery View TV show


As a television host, Bill has reported for national TV shows such as Welcome Home, Technology Today and American Outdoors. He has reported from many venues across the country to include Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando and New York City.

In addition Bill wrote, produced and directed the television series the BRIDE idea. This show brought local bridal vendors together with couples that were making the plunge into matrimony. The BRIDE idea aired in many Utah counties and kept everyone on the edge of their seat in hopes that all would go well for the bride.

Quick Draw Experience

Our Quick Draw Videos are the perfect way to market your product or service. With our many years of experience we are sure to draw in and keep your audiences attention.

Hollywood Experience! All of our artists are Professional 2D Animators that have worked at many different studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Sony and more! Our team has the experience and has been trained to tell great stories. When you walk out of a movie, there are 2 things you remember, the story and the characters. That's what we use to create our Quick Draw Videos. Memorable characters and entertaining storylines.

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