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We love making these Quick Draw Videos! Why? Because they really do work and they get results for our customers! We were not the first to make them, but we deffinitely can claim that we are among the best who do. Why Choose us? Here are three things that sets us apart from other whiteboard companies...


1. Our drawing & design style, which is unique and at a QUALITY level SECOND TO NONE. (Unless you want drawings that a 3 year old could do) We trump the compitition in this regard. In fact we are often hired by other video companies to do designs for their videos as well.


2. Our prices are Lower than most of our compitition by 40 to 50%.  And I know you care about that, right?!


3. All of our artists (including myself) have Hollywood experience working on movies for Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Universal and Columbia Tri-Star among others. We know how to get your message across in a way that will leave an impact.


So you are in good hands with our professional team. I invite you to read our what our clients have said about us in their testimonials. I look forward to learning about your business and working with you on your video.




- Scott T. Petersen


Scott is a former Disney animator that now creates the best Marketing videos at Quick Draw Services

Scott T. PEtersen


Quick Draw Services

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