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A Quick Draw Video created for Nest Bedding

This whiteboard video was really different than our traditional explainer video. Princess Sleepy was created using our Premium Package. Which means we included some things not included in our standard package. 

A Fairy-Tale Script

We create the scripts for every client. They provide the info and we develop that into a professional script. We then present the script to the client for approval. In this case we developed 2 scripts. Our regular, awesome Quick Draw type scripts and also the Princess Sleepy script. Secretly hoping the client would choose the Princess Sleepy one. When we got word they loved the Princess Sleepy script and wanted to move forward, we were all very excited and knew this would be an iconic video. Like always, the script influenced ever other part of the video!

Full Color

Both the background and characters are fully colored. You will also notice the lines are colored instead of just black lines. Since our artist have worked at places like Disney and Dreamworks, our Full Color option looks very appealing. And since we give the client the rights to the images, they can use the full colored images on their website, at conventions or even on packaging! 

A "Costumed Hand"

In our Whiteboard Animation Videos we draw with a real hand. (More Info Here) But normally when we draw it is with a regular hand. Sometimes we will have a sleeve show up. For this video, we wanted the viewer to be in this world of Princess Sleepy. We thought a Prince Costume might help! So we rented a Prince Costume from a local theater and and started drawing. The royal colors and the fluffy sleeves gave it a very regal feel. We even painted the sharpie to stay true to the fairy-tale world!

And of course we couldn't resist trying on the costume and taking some fun pictures! 

A Textured Background

To create our Quick Draw Videos we normally draw them with a white background. Since we wanted this video to have a Medieval feel, we created the finished video with an old paper texture background. 

A Story Teller Voice Over

Our standard package come with an in-house voice actor. For Princess Sleepy we needed the perfect voice that would communicate a classic fairy-tale story. We help auditions and had a lot of very talented people read the Princess Sleepy Script. We were lucky enough to come in contact with John Mondelli, a professional voice actor who has done work for video games, animation and commercials. When we heard his reading of the script, we knew we had found our guy. 

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