Do you want Limited Color or Full color? It depends on your needs, idea and your budget. Our standard video packages includes Limited Color, where we highlight important objects or characters. For Full Color our professional color artist color the images to give a Spectacular look

Color Options

Chose which color option fits you best
You also own ALL THE RIGHTS to the images used in your video
Which means you don't pay us royalties everytime you want to use an image. Post them on your Social Sites, on your own website or even use them for your product packaging. 

Color Comparison

Here is Video we did for ZNitro. They were very pleased with the Video result. They later wanted all the images colored and the video to include the new images. This is the result

Limited Color

Video Marketing girl holding a pink cell phone

Character Color

The best video production company in Utah, best rated video company in the USA. Blonde woman holding a pink phone

Limited Color

Included in Package Price

The most professional video company in Utah in USA. Man sitting at a computer pointing at screen
The best advertisement company in the world - Building - balance, gavel, law book, money, microscope, idea, light bulb, lawyers, running fast, Competitive advantage
The best animation company Utah - 3 germs on a dish rag
The best video commercial company in Utah - Ripping automatic paper towel from red dispenser
The best demo video company in Utah - guy and girl talking on computer, drawing on computer screen monitor
The best drawing video company in Utah - man holding a CNC G coder to control a machine
The best explainer video company in Utah - man playing word game and placing a tile on the board
Best Instructional Video Company in Utah - 4 kids playing toys and plates as instruments, recycled dishes
Best marketing video company in Utah - Old School Football player jumping over other players
The best Online Video Company in Utah - Boy thorwing dice playing a game

Character Color


The best Youtube Video company in Utah - 5 men workers cheering
The best Whiteboard video company in Utah - Family sitting around a table playing a board game
The Best video scribe company in Utah - Grandma and Grandpa, money, wheelchair, piggy bank, check, graduation
The BEST Education Video Company in Utah - Blonde woman using a jack hammer on a phone
The BEST Educational Video Company in Utah - guy holding a puzzle piece and looking puzzled
The BEST Fast Draw Video Company in Utah - lawyer and man with patent in hand
The BEST Quick Draw Video in Utah - Lady sitting in chair paying rent and brushing hair
The BEST Advertising Video Company in Utah - Man thinking about money
The best advertisement video company in Utah - Kids playing a board game at a table
The BEST Animation Company in Utah - Man looking at sales chart
The BEST Commercial Video Company in UT - Grandmother and grandfather

Full Color


The best Demo video company in UT - Man owner of apartment complex manager
The best Drawing Video Company in UT - Street at night with lights
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