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Characters from animated marketing video in Salt Lake City, UT

Animated Marketing VIDEOS

in Salt Lake City, UT

Check out the latest Quick Draw Videos samples & see why we TRUMP the competition.  For Quality & Pricing you won't find a better whiteboard animation company anywhere!!! GUARENTEED!
Move your message along with style. Quickly catch the attention of your audience with drawings. Use Quick Draw Services to better promote your message.

Featured Video

Wooly's Water Wise Hanging Baskets

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LDS Philanthropies - Designed by Quick Draw Services
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We often collaborate with other video companies on their projects as well, because we offer a higher quality Drawing style that they can NOT get anywhere else.  So If you are a video company or ad agency who would like to join forces on a project give us a call and PUT THE POWER OF OUR DRAWINGS BEHIND YOUR PROJECT.


Here on this link from Commonwealth's  youtube channel you can view an explainer video that our quick draw artists designed for another video scribing company.  We also designed 4 other videos for them,  (2 Oracle videos, 1 for Oxford UK, and another for Acculynx all of which turned out great) plus some animation that they used for their Bridgestone golf explainer video. 


We have also provided artwork in partnership with Creative Media Group  and for Strillogy. Both of which have been great partners to work with on several video projects.  


Other Full Animation Options

"Quick Draw Services - The BEST kept secret in the industry" - get yours today and stand out above the crowd.